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[Bar Review] Guerilla (GRLA) Pop Up at Ghostwriter, Part 2

🧊 Mezcal Negroni
Montelobos espadin, Campari, sweet vermouth

GRLA is proof that contrary to popular belief, lightning does, in fact, strike the same place twice.

Another evening of warm hospitality, fun music, meeting friends old and new, and most of all, outstanding food and drinks – a final experience just as enjoyable and memorable as the first.

🧊 Bingsu Fizz
Red bean, Haku vodka, strawberry, ondeh ondeh soju, bubbles, white chocolate


🥢 Sesame marinated tuna

🧊 Voyage Revival
Apple, celery, vermouth bianco, tequila blanco

and then a couple of amazing mezcals to taste!

Thank you again @x0ny @super_100g and @davejony for such a fantastic time at @ghostwritersg – you’ve set a very high bar for whatever happens in this space in the future.



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