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Don Julio Heads To The Auctions With Full Exotic Casks Ready For Bidding


It's cask meets tequila with Don Julio's new set of five uniquely cask-finished 1942 Tequila expressions.

Getting them won't be easy though, as the set of five cask-aged Don Julio 1942 Tequilas will only be available as a full cask via auction on blockchain powered BlockBar. The auction went live on 4th June and will run until 20th June.

Each cask - Bourbon, Ruby Port, Orange Wine, Madeira and Cremant - can be bidded on separately, with the starting bid at a whopping US$35,000. Winners can redeem their Tequila via an NFT token issued by BlockBar, available 12 months after the auction is completed. Till then, the five casks will be kept at Don Julio's distillery in Mexico, and will be officially bottled between December 2024 and March 2025.

Each cask will even out to 240 bottles of the special Tequila, with the bottles individually numbered and with a special gold-embossed icon representing the specific cask finish.


Tasting notes provided by Diageo as follows:

Orange Wine. Orange peel, tea and spices and deepens the Tequila’s amber colour.

Bourbon Double Charred. Heavily toasted flavour with notes of caramelised banana, vanilla and nuts.

Cremant. Floral vanilla, citrus, cooked agave and more of a tannic sensation.

Madeira. More caramel, nuts, spice and toffee.

Ruby Port. Toast flavour, with notes of cloves, cinnamon, dried fruits and dark chocolate.


Cask owners will also be invited to a special event organised at Don Julio's distillery in Mexico. The NFT token issued for each cask can be sold of gifted, which will still represent the equivalent of a full cask of the Tequila purchased.




88 Bamboo Editorial Team