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FIRST LOOK: Macallan Harmony Collection Amber Meadow & Green Meadow


The Macallan Harmony Collection has been Macallan's most sought after series in the last two years, having started with the Rich Cacao and then followed by the Intense Arabica - each has seen the Scotch distillery collaborate with a luminary in their own fields.

Now, we're in the third leg of the annual series, that let's not forget is all about spotlighting sustainable packaging materials from using discarded cacao husks to discarded coffee bean husks, and it seems like we're taking a trip to Scotland's meadows with Stella and Mary McCartney - unveiling the Macallan Harmony Collection Amber Meadow.

Its Global Travel Retail accompaniment will be named Green Meadow.



"The Macallan Amber Meadow has been created in collaboration with Mary and Stella McCartney to celebrate our shared love of the lush and fertile lands of Scotland and the serene nature that lies within it.

To mark our deep connection with the land, discarded meadow cuttings have been given new life in this presentation box and bottle labels.

Our Whisky Mastery Team has taken inspiration from natural Scottish grasslands and created a single malt aged in both sherry seasoned oak and bourbon casks, redolent of warm meadows and mature barley fields, with a rich, citrus scented finish."


Top Row: Stella McCartney (Left) and Mary McCartney (Right).


The McCartney sisters, Mary and Stella, are notable photographers/filmmakers and fashion designers respectively, and are both daughters of Paul McCartney of the legendary British band, The Beatles.


Macallan Harmony Collection Amber Meadow - Tasting Notes 


Rich orange, lemon, honeysuckle, vanilla, coconut and barley


Rich oak, lemon, melon, almond and green tea flavours.


Rich, sweet, long and complex finish.



Macallan Harmony Collection Green Meadow - Tasting Notes


Fresh orange and lemon, wild primrose, petrichor, honeydew and bluebells.


Rich lemon, barley sugar, creamy vanilla, almonds and fresh oak.


Sweet, fragrant, long and creamy finish.


The new Macallan Harmony Collection Amber Meadow expression will be bottled at 44.2% ABV, while the accompanying Global Travel Retail Macallan Harmony Collection Green Meadow expression is bottled at 40.2% ABV.

The new expressions are available from October at Harrods, Selfridges and The Whisky Exchange at an RRP of US$196.



A limited edition collection of 11 lifestyle pieces designed by the McCartney sisters will be launched as well, including bespoke pieces of handmade glassware and ceramic flasks - the full collection comes as a complete set priced at US$12,280.

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