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Jameson Sings to Its Own Tune with Remixed Caribbean Beats Irish Whiskey Launch


Irish whiskey brand Jameson is launching a new 21 year old Irish whiskey aged exclusively in rum-seasoned casks, the Jameson Remixed Carribbean Beats.

The new addition of The Jameson Anthology, the Jameson Remixed Carribbean Beats is a blend of single pot still and single grain Irish whiskeys that was first laid down in rum casks from the Caribbean island of Barbados for almost two decades, before being aged yet another three years in Selección de Maestros Havana Club rum seasoned casks. 


On the decision to use two different rum casks for the aging, Jameson master distiller Kevin O'Gorman explained: "We could have kept it in the Foursquare casks from Barbados, but we wanted to see what would happen if we gave it a double-rum finish. We really wanted to add another layer of rum contribution, and I think it came off really, really well." 

“We worked to marry two traditional spirits together – Irish whiskey and rum – and in doing so, found the sweet spot where the rhythm of the Caribbean meets the beat of the Irish drum. We can’t wait for whiskey enthusiasts to experience Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats.”


Official Tasting Notes


Warming spices accompanied by figs, toasted almonds, muscovado sugar, and coconut shavings. 


Luscious and sweet at first with notes of chocolate dipped honeycomb, orange zest, and mango.


Long and lasting with the fruits and sweet spices lingering for a time before slowly fading, allowing the oak and rum seasoning to have the final say.

The Jamson Remixed Caribbean Beats is now available to purchase on the JamsonWhiskey.com official website at €280 per 500ml bottle. The new expression is bottled at 46% ABV, with only 2,900 bottles created. 



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