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Kanosuke Distillery Exclusive #008 Unpeated Virgin Oak Cask Lottery OPEN


Kanosuke is opening the lottery for #008 of its highly sought after distillery exclusive small batch bottlings!

This time the distillery has in store a 3.5 Year Old Un-Peated American White Oak Virgin Oak Cask matured Japanese single malt that's bottled at 62% ABV.


Official Tasting Notes




Vanilla, Toast, Charred Oak


Soft and Rich Sweetness, Honey, Marmalade


Bittersweetness of Oak, Lingering Mild Sweetness 


A total of 1,976 bottles will be released at 4,290 Yen or US$28.65.

This will be made available via lottery which will run from 17 - 19 October 2023, which you can access below.

Lottery Here




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