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Rhum J.M Canopee Celebrates Sustainability And Harmony Of Distillery And Nature


Martinique's historic Rhum J.M is celebrating its commitment to sustainability as part of its inclusion to the EDDEN program (Committed to the Sustainable Development of our Ecosystems and Nature) that aims to support the preservation of Martinique's canopy and ecosystem. Consequently, this very gorgeous carafe is housed in a packaging made with monomaterial fiber.

The rum itself is a blend of 6 year old rums that once again is a tribute to the heritage of the Fonds-Preville distillery, distilled from pure sugar cane juice in a Creole column, and finally bottled at 46% ABV.



Official Tasting Notes


Canopée captivates with the expressiveness of delicate roasted cocoa beans, the indulgence of dates, dried figs, and prunes, along with the elegance of Martinique vanilla. An invitation to an olfactory journey with a myriad of flavors.


The palate blossoms with powerful notes of smoked wood and gentle spices like freshly grated cinnamon and nutmeg. Its aromatic complexity is elevated by its great roundness in the mouth, creating incomparable tasting experience.


The finish lingers, leaving behind woody and dried fruit notes, complemented by a subtle touch of nutmeg. A conclusion that awakens the senses and leaves a lasting impression.




88 Bamboo Editorial Team