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Springbank 2022 Local Barley - 10 Year Old

What you need to know:

  • New Springbank Local Barley release for 2022, a 10 Year Old, made of Belgravia barley from the nearby Glencraigs Farm.
  • Total outturn is 15,000 bottles, significantly larger than past releases.
  • Bottled at 51.6% ABV, no word yet on the type of wood used to mature the malt.
  • This is as Springbank readies its launch of its new Sherry series this year.



Springbank doesn't seem ready to let go of the beloved Local Barley releases just yet, even as they get ready to launch their new Sherry series.⁠



Don't miss out on the upcoming Springbank Sherry series.

It seems like we'll be getting another 10 Year Old release. The back label tells us that this one's made of Belgravia barley from Glencraigs Farm (the lovely sunflowers in the background), distilled in 2011, with a total outturn of 15,000 bottles, matured in oak? casks. Seems like there's still a missing piece of the puzzle..Gotta stay tuned for that.⁠


"This Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been distilled from barley grown on the Kintyre Peninsula within a few miles of Springbank. The barley is then malted on our own malt floors using traditional production techniques before it is turned into spirit, matured into whisky and bottled on-site, making this a 100% Campeltown Single Malt." reads the back label, as is now customary with each of the Local Barley releases.⁠

Stay tuned ~