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Tasmania's Hellyers Road Unveils Oldest Ever Australian Single Cask Single Malt Whisky


Based out of Tasmania in Australia, Hellyers Road Distillery, a renowned name in Australia's craft whisky landscape, has announced the release of a groundbreaking 21-Year-Old Single Cask Whisky.

Founded in 1999 by a group of dairy farmers, Hellyers Road Distillery has been a key player in shaping modern Australian whisky. Known for embodying Tasmania's lush countryside, the distillery has consistently utilised local resources, such as Tasmanian-grown barley and pure Tasmanian water, contributing to its whisky's distinct regional character.


Hellyers Road is based in the remote north-west of Tasmania, Australia's southern island state (Source: Hellyers Road)


This new release just announced, the Hellyers Road 21 Year Old Single Cask drawn from American Oak Cask #2157.05, is something of a historic first for the distillery and the Australian whisky scene. Aged for 21 years in a first-fill American oak ex-Jack Daniel’s Bourbon barrel, it is Australia's oldest single cask whisky to date. This single cask ageing process means the whisky remained exclusively in the same cask throughout its maturation, offering a distinct tasting experience. The whisky has been bottled at natural cask strength of 62.4% ABV with only 179 bottles yielded.



Each bottle purchased comes in a crafted presentation box made by local master woodworker Rob van Tholen, utilising prized Tasmanian timbers like Huon Pine, Myrtle, and Celery Top Pine. These boxes feature a secret locking mechanism and include a letter of authenticity signed by Head Distiller Fiona Coutts.


(Source: Hellyers Road)


Priced at AUD$1,350.00 (US$890), this release offers whisky collectors a chance to own a special piece of Australian whisky history.

According to the distillery, this release is smooth as silk and displays an incredibly complex and nuanced flavour profile that gracefully reflects its age.

Official Tasting Notes


Light butterscotch.


An abundance of tropical fruit and citrus. Grapefruit and
marmalade lean into vanilla custard, light spice with a hint of nuttiness.


Orange blossom with the prominent delicious tropical fruits;
lychee, pineapple and dragon fruit alongside thick butterscotch and a sweet malt undertone.


Decadently long and sublime - ginger snaps, vanilla cream,
white chocolate and balanced ripe fruits steal the show. The finish showcases this extraordinary whisky's length of time in cask.

For those in Australia, the whisky is available for purchase on the distillery's official website. If you are based outside of Australia, you can express your interest via email at enquiries@hellyersroad.com.au.



As the Australian whisky industry continues to flourish, releases like these present yet another exciting opportunity for whisky lovers to explore the unique whisky scene from Down Under. 


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