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Asahi Super Dry Toasts Lunar New Year With Pixel Art Special Edition And Bak Kwa Gift Set!



Asahi Super Dry, Japan's leading beer brand, has introduced a unique pixel art edition can to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2024. This release follows Asahi's recent update to its recipe in 2023, which enhanced the distinct, sake-inspired crispness of the original Super Dry beer. Alongside the recipe change, Asahi also modernized its packaging, opting for a sleeker, matte, and minimalist design.



The highlight of this limited edition is the intricate pixelated dragon illustration by renowned Japanese pixel artist Takashi Komiyama, known as Hermippe. This choice of design pays homage to the year of the Dragon, a symbol of auspiciousness in many Asian cultures. Hermippe employed a unique “mixel” technique, blending different dot sizes to create this complex and figurative artwork. The pixel dragon, dynamic and transformative, mirrors the vibrant and ever-evolving spirit of modern Tokyo. 

For those in Singapore interested in grabbing these exclusive cans, they are available at major supermarket retailers across the country. A special promotional offer allows customers to purchase a 12-pack (330ml cans) for $26.80, making it a tempting addition to Lunar New Year festivities.

“At Asahi Super Dry, our unwavering commitment lies in prioritizing our consumers and continuously seeking innovative ways to engage with them. As we embrace the joyous occasion of the Lunar New Year, traditionally cherished for fostering bonds with family and loved ones, we seize this opportunity by evoking a sense of modernity by reimagining the festival through pixel art, bringing modern yet familiar experience to consumers.”

– Asahi Beer Asia’s Marketing Director, Ms. Loretta Lee says

Exclusive Asahi Super Dry X Fragrance Bak Kwa Gift Bundle

Adding to the celebratory spirit, Asahi Super Dry has also partnered with Fragrance, Singapore's top-selling brand of Chinese preserved barbecue meat (bak kwa), to launch an "Asahi X Fragrance Bak Kwa Gift Bundle". This bundle includes a selection of Chinese New Year snacks that complement the Asahi Super Dry beer. Among these are Fragrance Bak Kwa, Crispy Pork Floss Tots, Pandan Kueh Lapis, and Pineapple Tarts.

The rich and savory taste of bak kwa pairs exceptionally well with the light and crisp character of Asahi beer, offering a delightful combination for the festivities.



The Asahi Super Dry X Fragrance Bak Kwa Gift Bundle is available for purchase in Singapore online at RedMart and at select supermarket roadshows. Customers spending a minimum of $88 on Asahi Super Dry's Lunar New Year special edition cans will receive a complimentary Fragrance gift set, valued at $38. Additionally, the bundle is available at Fragrance outlets islandwide for $38.

This Lunar New Year, Asahi Super Dry invites beer lovers to experience the fusion of traditional flavours and modern artistry!

Kanpai and Happy Lunar New Year!

88 Bamboo Editorial Team