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What's Happening

Enjoy Highballs, Whisky, Rum & Fine Art At Neat Work's Exhibition: 15-17th December 2023

Don't miss this interactive art and spirits exhibition on 8pm Friday 15th December 2023 or 4pm Sunday 17th December 2023! Purchase tickets at Whisky & Foxtrot's official site. Be sure to quote ‘88Bamboo’ for a 10% discount!



Our favourite fine art and whisky exhibition returns this month! On 15th and 17th December 2023, local design agency, Whisky and Foxtrot, in collaboration with PAKAT, would be hosting yet another edition of Neat Work – a fine art exhibition that pairs art appreciation with great spirits in a cosy, intimate setting. 

Experience the works of three well-known Singaporean contemporary artists - Fiona Koh, Tay Bak Chiang, and Warren Khong – alongside some top notch tipple bottled by two of our favourite Singaporean independent bottlers, M&E Drinks (M&E) and Malt, Grain & Cane (MGC).



Six captivating artworks from the above three artists will be harmoniously paired with six whiskies and rums, each spirit handpicked to create a memorable curated experience.



Why "Neat Work," asks you. Well, it's a clever twist on the term 'neat,' which means to enjoy spirits undiluted, and 'work,' which refers to the stunning artworks themselves. Several sessions will be held, each session designed to be an intimate affair, catering to only 10 guests.



The guided exhibition would introduce guests to the artists and each of the six artworks and their accompanying fine spirits. Artists themselves would discuss the inspiration behind each piece of work, and guests would also be given a guided tasting and story behind how each bottle of spirit was paired with the artwork. 

Let's meet the artists!

Meet the artists:

Fiona Koh is a trailblazing artist who brilliantly utilizes text, image, and object to delve into the intricate power structures and ambiguities of language within the framework of semiotics and psychoanalysis. As a co-founder of Singapore's renowned art collective, Vertical Submarine, her engaging room installations urge viewers to critically examine social issues beneath the surface.

Her artwork 青年 (Youth) was featured as MGC’s Clarendon 2010 Jamaican Rum label (we have reviewed this bottle here) and her artwork Incendiary Texts II was featured as M&E’s Linkwood 12 year old Twins labels finished in Oloroso and PX Sherry Octaves. Fiona’s works are also in various private collections.


Previous work by Koh: Chasing Deers, Part of the Tua Kang Medicinal Hall series (2018), Mixed media


Tay Bak Chiang is a multiple-award-winning painter is celebrated for his minimalist paintings of boulders and geological forms. Drawing from Chinese literati painting, Taoist philosophy, and nature, his works such as "Azure Dragon" exude poetry and evoke deep emotions, masterfully blending traditional values with a contemporary sensibility.

His artworks have been featured on many whisky labels, including Enter The Dragon 见龙在田 which was featured as MGC’s Port Charlotte 2001, 21 year old whisky label (we have reviewed this bottle here), as well as A Fleeting Moment which was featured as M&E’s 11+ year old Glen Moray label. Bak Chiang’s works are also in various private collections.


(Source: Chew Seng Kim)


Previous work by Tay:《远古》A Faraway Time (2019) Pigment and acrylic on canvas.


Finally, there’s none other than Warren Khong, painter and conceptual artist extraordinaire.

Previous work by Khong: #062 (2014) Acrylic on aluminium plate


Besides his work in conceptual art, Warren has been a leading force in designing artwork for renowned fine spirit bottlings since 2010. With admirers like the legendary Luca Gargano of Velier SpA, his collaboration with Velier birthed the iconic "Drop by Drop Warren Khong Collection," a 6-bottle series of rums commemorating Velier's 70th anniversary. 

(Source: Rum Auctioneer)


Closer to home, his artwork #157 (Saudade) was featured as MGC’s Irish Whiskey 2002 (which we've reviewed here). Warren’s works are also in various private collections.

Works from the above artists would be paired with 6 drams of whiskies and rums bottled by M&E and MGC (10ml each - plenty for neat spirits), including the following:


GlenBurgie 11 Years Single Malt Scotch, bottled by M&E Drinks, 59.4% ABV


Travellers Belize Rum 14 Years, bottled by Malt Grain & Cane 65.6% ABV


Don't miss this opportunity for an interactive exhibition with Singaporean indie bottlings and Singaporean artists on 8pm Friday 15th December 2023 and 4pm Sunday 17th December 2023! Tickets can be purchased from Whisky & Foxtrot's official site at S$98 per ticket. Be sure to quote ‘88Bamboo’ as your promo code for a 10% discount!


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