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Nutmeg & Clove Throws Epic 5-Day Fiesta for 10th Birthday: Singapore 26 to 30 May 2024



Nutmeg & Clove – the darling of the Singapore bartending scene – is celebrating a decade of boozy brilliance with a five-day Nutmeg Cocktail Fiesta that seems nothing short of epic. Nutmeg & Clove is renowned for its homage to Singapore's vibrant heritage through its cocktail menu and modern Singaporean cuisine. Here, classic cocktails get a delightful twist with local flavors and ingredients, making for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Ten renowned bartenders from around the globe will descend on Nutmeg & Clove to shake up their signature creations across five unique themed nights. This isn't just about sipping a drink; they're out to create a whole experience for you! Expect decorations to transform the space and little extras that perfectly complement each evening's theme.

The fiesta kicks off with a "Parisian Italian Affair" on Sunday May 26th. Aurelie Panhelleux of Paris's CopperBay – a regular on the "best French bartenders" lists – and Patrick Pistolesi from Rome's Drink Kong (a staggering 21st in the world's best bars!) will team up. Imagine the best of Parisian and Italian cocktails! To make things even tastier, La Bottega Enoteca – Singapore's top pizzeria, and we don't say that lightly – will whip up special pizzas to match the vibe.



On Monday May 27th, the "Canton Takeover" will transport you straight to the buzzing nightlife of Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Expect crazy-good cocktails from folks like Lorenzo Antinori (of Hong Kong's Bar Leone) and Agung Prabowo (of the famed Penicillin). Andrew Ho from Shenzhen's Hope & Sesame, often China's top-ranking bar, joins the fun too. Fuel the night with delicious Hong Kong street food from Hey Kee HK Seafood – think pig intestines and curry fish balls, just the way a proper Dai Pai Dong does them.



Things get spicy on Tuesday May 28th with "The Latino Soirée"! Central America takes center stage as Gina Barbachano from Mexico's Hanky Panky (22nd best bar in the world!) and Alonso Palomino from Peru's Lady Bee throw down some seriously vibrant drinks. Get ready to move, because DJs Pin and WhoTheKyng will spin some seriously hot tunes.



Wednesday May 29th brings the "Celebration of Colombian Flavours". The team from Cartagena's Alquimico (that's the best bar in South America!) are swinging by to show us why. Expect mind-blowing cocktails, and as a nod to Colombia's rich coffee culture, there'll be special Colombian coffee-infused desserts. Talk about a sweet buzz!



Finally, on Thursday May 30th, it all culminates in the "Nutmeg & Clove Reunion" – a blast from the past! The bar's legendary founders – Colin Chia, Marian Beke (of London's The Gibson), and Kae Yin (from Taiwan's WU Bar) – are back in action for one night only. Live music, open mic sessions... oh, and cocktails inspired by the bar's ten-year history? Sign me up!



Each of these spectacular evenings kicks off at 8pm, so mark your calendars and grab your fellow cocktail enthusiasts. This fiesta at Nutmeg & Clove is guaranteed to be one for the books!


88 Bamboo Editorial Team