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Wallich Manor & Codigo Celebrates World Paloma Day With Nine Unique Agave Cocktails: Singapore 22 May 2024


Cocktail enthusiasts, mark your calendars because World Paloma Day is approaching! This celebratory day – dedicated to Mexico's beloved tequila-based cocktail – falls on the 22nd of May. Lucky for us in Singapore, the sophisticated rooftop cocktail haven of Wallich Manor is going all out with a special collaboration. They've joined forces with Código 1530, the award-winning agave spirit producer, to bring us a unique mixology experience this Wednesday, 22nd May, from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Get ready for a whirlwind of agave-infused delights! Wallich Manor's very own maestro of mixology, Azlam Mohamed, will be teaming up with Shallum John Recto, Código 1530's Brand Ambassador. The duo will be joined by Nash Monsor and Chip, the dynamic bartenders who bring their magic to Canyon Club at Mondrian Singapore Duxton.

This eight-handed guest shift will transform Wallich Manor into a true tequila and mezcal playground! The bartenders have meticulously crafted nine exceptional cocktails, each showcasing the award-winning spirits from Código 1530's impressive portfolio.

Shallum John Recto's creations promise sophistication and unexpected twists. His 'Art es anal Espresso Martini' ($22) promises a caffeine-fueled thrill with its Código 1530 Mezcal Artesanal base, blended with chilled espresso and Mr. Black coffee liqueur, then delicately finished with Código 1530 Agave Nectar. Shaken, strained, and served with a side of orange zest, the bartender meticulously adjusts the espresso shots to perfection.

'Wherever you go!' ($22) is crafted for a bright and refreshing experience. This crowd-pleaser features Código 1530 Blanco tequila, garnished with a simple mint sprig. The main concoction includes tangy tepache (a fermented pineapple drink), spicy ginger beer, aromatic angostura bitters, and fresh lemon juice.

'Rosa, Rosa, and Rosa!' ($22) – well, this one's all about floral elegance infused with the spirit of Código 1530 Rosa Blanco tequila. Pink peppercorns are infused with the tequila and Código 1530 Agave Nectar for a touch of floral perfume. It's then further enhanced with lime and grapefruit juice, topped with soda and tonic water for a refreshing finish, and finished with a dash of firewater bitters for a subtle smoky note.

Canyon Club's Nash and Chip are stepping in with a touch of extravagance and a dash of playfulness. Their 'Belladonna's Kiss' ($22) is a sophisticated concoction featuring Código Rosa tequila sous vide (slow-cooked) with grapefruit skin, complemented by a hint of habanero tincture for a touch of heat and a bell pepper cordial for a sweet counterpoint. A delicate touch of carbonation adds a refreshing finish. Strained to perfection, it's elegantly poured into a highball glass, served directly from the bar top to your awaiting hands.

'Rosa Rendezvous' ($22), as its name suggests, is richly French-inspired. Served in a balloon wine glass, it combines Código 1530 Rosa Tequila with mathilde framboise (a sweet raspberry liqueur), creme de cassis (a black currant liqueur) for a deep berry note, richly topped up with prosecco brut for a grand, celebratory finish.

'Fiesta Del Sol' ($22) known as a celebration of the beauty in Latino heritage, history, culture, language and ambition. The drink uses the classic Código 1530 Blanco Tequila as its base, further enhanced with smoky mezcal artesanal, tropical mango cordial for a burst of sweetness, balanced with the tang of fresh lime juice and a saline solution for a savory note. Served in a classic rocks glass, it's perfect for those who appreciate a complex and flavorful cocktail.

Of course, it wouldn't be Wallich Manor without Azlam putting his signature spin on things. The 'Jalisco Flor' ($22) is a floral symphony with Código 1530 Blanco Tequila at its heart, further layered with osmanthus aperitif wine (known for its sweet, apricot-like flavor), complemented by the bitter-sweet notes of campari, and a touch of honey for sweetness. All of this is topped with a delicate orange foam for a touch of theatricality. Garnished with edible flowers, this is a feast for the senses.

The 'Tequila Mockingbird' ($22) combines Código 1530 Blanco Tequila with Giffard cassis (a sweet blackcurrant liqueur), Aperol (an Italian aperitif with citrusy-bitter notes), grapefruit cordial, and a touch of ginger tincture for a subtle spicy kick. It's stirred to perfection, creating a balanced and refreshing combination of flavors. Finished with a delicate salted apple air foam garnish and served in a highball glass, it's a sophisticated choice for those who enjoy a nuanced cocktail experience.

Finally, Azlam presents his 'Que Sera Sera' ($22), a quintessential signature drink made with Código 1530 Mezcal Artesanal. Its earthy, smoky character is complemented by Giffard cacao (a rich and velvety chocolate liqueur), pimento dram (adding warm notes of allspice and clove), citric solution for a burst of tanginess, agave syrup for sweetness, and a touch of fire tincture to add depth and a subtle spicy finish. This concoction is stirred to perfection, offering a complex and intriguing flavor profile for those who enjoy a bolder drink.

And remember, as you're exploring these special guest cocktails, Wallich Manor's own fantastic signature creations will keep you company throughout the night! This promises to be a Paloma Day celebration like no other, a testament to the versatility and beauty of agave spirits. Head to Wallich Manor on 22 May Wednesday and raise a glass to the art of the agave cocktails!


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