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Tiger Radler Mandarin & Honey, 2% ABV


Coming from a multi-racial multi-ethnic society such as Singapore, I'm used to (and very appreciative of) the eclectic mixture of festivities that washes across the small island state. What that also means is that these festive seasons don't necessarily gel cohesively (beyond the fact that everyone loves them) in terms of cultural consistency - you'll see what I mean in abit.

So it's Christmas Day, and really who doesn't love Christmas right? But as the clock strikes midnight, I jest that the country in the dead of night is hard at work, furiously tossing out everything Christmas related and if you listen closely, just out in the distance... you can here the soft beating of the gongs and cymbals... *dong*... *dong*... *qiang*. As far as a sizeable population of the island's retailers and restaurants are concerned, it might as well be Chinese New Year.


Isn't it rather humorous that the only promotional effort in December from Tiger on the new Radler was on LinkedIn. It's like they really wanted to get a headstart but wanted to do it in the most inconspicuous way possible. (Image Source: APB on LinkedIn)


And if you don't believe me, the country's largest homegrown beer brand Tiger had in December quietly begun to stock in supermarkets a new limited edition combo for its flagship Radler, a very Chinese New Year themed Mandarin & Honey edition - now bear in mind there's not been too much marketing and promotion of it yet and that's because it's around Christmas time, so that'd be inappropriate. But come 12:01 AM Boxing Day, it's show time.

And since it is Boxing Day, let's get to it. This is Tiger Beer Radler Mandarin & Honey. Onward!


PS. Tiger's Radlers are really underrated - we reviewed them ourselves here.

Tiger Radler Mandarin & Honey, 2% ABV - Review


Tasting Notes

Color: Pineapple Juice

Aroma: Citrusy, with distinct notes of mandarin, grapefruit and pomelo cordial - it’s fruity but rounded and sweet, rather than being overtly zesty and with the usual acidity.

Taste: Thick, smooth body, with orange pulp and some pineapple - again it’s citrusy, sweet and very rounded, so none of that tartness or sharp zestiness but also not cloying. It’s almost alittle cordial-like but with sparkling water added.

Finish: Nice clean finish, leaving aromatic notes of sweet oranges.


My Thoughts

This was very enjoyable, and in particular what stands out is how well balanced it was and rounded. It had all these nice citrusy flavours but at the same time it wasn’t tart or citric but wasn’t ever too sweet either. It’s like a perfect cordial highball almost. The flavour pairing is well selected too and also it had a very satisfying body that was velvety and had a good weight.

I think what made this a good Radler was that the fruit notes were well-integrated, it never came across boozy, you wouldn’t even notice the alcohol, and it was just downright tasty.

Good job Tiger, this will definitely help get me through Chinese New Year.

My Rating: 8/10


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