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Ontake's First Edition 2024 Is Perhaps The Most Surprising Of Bourbon Casks


Ontake is one of the newest Japanese distilleries to begin hitting the market with its Japanese single malts - thus far having only released its inaugural expression in 2023. The distillery is based in Kagoshima, a region better known for its shochu, and so rather unsurprisingly Ontake's parent company is indeed a shochu company that's pretty well known.

But there's so much more to the story - read about Ontake here.

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Now just a year after its debut, the distillery is putting out its First Edition 2024 - but it's already got some heads scratching. For a distillery that has set its sights with a big focus on using high quality Sherry casks, going so far as to obtain Solera Sherry casks, the First Edition 2024 will nevertheless emphasise the use of Bourbon Barrels - more specifically first fill Bourbon barrels. Read our review of Ontake's inaugural release here.

We also note that the new Ontake First Edition 2024 Bourbon Barrels will be priced at 14,300 Yen (US$88.65), and is bottled at 43% ABV. Ontake is slated to have a Second Edition 2024 out sometime later in the year.

Official Tasting Notes

"In addition to the sweet aroma of dried apricots and raisins, it has a complex and powerful aroma of hazelnuts, nutmeg,... The taste is smooth, and the flavor spreads towards the finish, leading to a smooth aftertaste with a spicy accent."




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